Winchester Farm & 

The Nuns Walk Restoration

Chalkpit Cottage Farm

The land to the east of Nuns Stream was originally part of Abbots Barton Farm House, but as land was sold off during the 1900s, it became Chalkpit Cottage Farm.

Sadly over time, the farming slowed and much of the land became a dumping ground for waste, and in recent years a place for squatting, class A drugs & fly-tipping. 

The decline over the past 25 years... 


The farm as it was in 1999.


Became a working yard & waste dump.


Derelict haven for squatting & drugs

The Project: "Winchester Farm"

We have spent the past 3 years clearing the site of waste. So far we have removed 20 tons of rubbish in skips including 11 tons of asbestos and recycled around 6 metal skips.
We have found all sorts buried in the woodland and on the river banks, from fridges, caravans, boats, cars, needles, beer kegs, endless broken glass, plastic, paint cans, rubble and tarmac etc! We are slowly starting to see some progress but we have got to the point now where we need to find a way for the site to start paying for itself to allow us to continue the clean-up.

We have had to separate the agricultural land from the house; so the house & garden is still Chalkpit Cottage, and the barns & meadows are now imaginatively called "Winchester Farm" (it's an old farm and its in Winchester...).

Rubble, tarmac, metal...

Caravan full of needles and rubbish

Oil drums, old boats & roofing.

Asbestos, plastic waste & insulation

Winchester Farm is made up of 3 separate projects:

Nuns Walk & Stream

Fencing, Driveway, Footpath & Ecological Enhancements

The Barns (Winchester Farm)

Waste clearance & Barn Restoration Project

Water Meadows
(SSSI Land)

Conservation Project to restore from “unfavourable recovering” status.

About Us

We are a family of 6 originally from Dorset, but loving the big city lights of Winchester! We moved to Chalkpit Cottage Farm in 2021, having previously lived in the south of Winchester for 10 years.

We immediately fell in love with its unique wild yet city location, and its potential to one day become a beautiful family home. In our excitement we may not have fully appreciated the size of the project we were undertaking... especially with 4 young kids.

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